29 October 2015
 October 29, 2015
fall on lake martin al

10: Remember to Set your Clocks BACK 1 Hour this Sunday!

Sunday, November 1, 2015, 2:00:00 AM clocks are turned backward 1 hour

Enjoy that extra hour of rest!
9: Shop Talk

The most significant indicator that the Real Estate Market is improving dramatically is the I/S Ratio. The Lower the number the better:

     September 2010    31.8
     September 2011    17.7
     September 2012    13.8
     September 2013    15.4
     September 2014    13.3
     September 2015      8.4 !!!!!!
8: Island of the Week: In the spirit of Halloween! Graveyard Island!

Graveyard Island measures 30 by 30 yards and is almost a circle. Surrounded by a seawall of rip-rap, a small county graveyard of long ago is now a tiny island in Lake Martin and can be seen from the lake homes in the Bay Pines area. The fading memorials are protected and still legible after more than a century of existence. It’s best to approach it from downwind and tie the boat with a long line so it doesn’t have contact with the seawall. The best place to approach the island is from the east, where a shallow, sandy bottom makes it easy to jump out into the water and approach the island.Latitude 32.84810 Longitude -85.86254

7: Copper’s Grill at StillWater’s

Opening day will be Wednesday, November the 4th! Please put it on your calendar to visit our new StillWater’s Restaurant, Copper’s Grill. Casual dining, where Golf and Lake Martin meet!

6: Fall Festival at Russell Crossroads on Saturday

Fun for the entire family! Pumpkin Paintings, Face Painting, Pie and Canning Contests…and much more! For more information, call 256.397.1019 or ‘Like Russell Crossroads‘ on Facebook!

5: New Fall and Winter Hours Announced at Harbor Pointe Marina

Harbor Pointe Marina is open seven days a week from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm CST, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Thanksgiving, Harbor Pointe Marina will be closed Thursday, November 26th, through Sunday, November 29th.
Christmas, Harbor Pointe Marina will be closed Tuesday, December 22nd, through Sunday, December 27th.
New Years, Harbor Pointe Marina will be closed Friday, January 1st, through Sunday, January 3rd.
In the months of January and February only, Harbor Pointe Marina will be closed on weekends and their hours of operation, will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm CST.
4: 2016 Upcoming Boat Shows in our Area
Nashville Boat Show: January 7th – 10th
Atlanta Boat Show: January 14th – 17th
Birmingham Boat Show: January 21st – 24th
Miami Boat Show: February 11th – 15th
3: YOU have to do this!!!!

The leaves and colors may have never been as incredible as they are this year! If you want to find some ‘REAL PEACE’…take your best friend, a blanket, a bottle of your best wine, (or scotch), make sure the sun is still high enough to brightly hit the leaves and trees, and cruise the shoreline of our wonderful Lake…then wait for one of the miraculous sunsets we see every fall evening on our Lake! It’s truly an evening to remember!

2: To Winterize or NOT!

That is the question! Since I’m on the boat 52 weeks out of the year, I have never winterized, however there are many reasons to winterize and when to winterize…CLICK HERE for more answers winterizing your boat!

1: THANK YOU! This week marks a decade of ‘producing some form’ of this Lake Martin Top 10.

I often hear people talk about a ‘Labor of Love’. I now know what they mean!  We have thousands of ‘Lake Lovers’ that receive this Top 10 every Thursday, and we are blessed that over 50% of you take the time to open it, read it, and give us helpful feed back! The National Average for emails like THIS Top 10 being opened and read is less than 13%. We are blessed to have so many ‘Lake Martin Enthusiasts and Friends’ to read this every week, keeping our average well above 50%!

Today begins the Second Decade of The Top 10!

Very informative, accurate, and helps to be aware of events around the lake that can effect everyday affairs or enhance the lake life. I appreciate the labor to find out the facts. I look forward to the Thursday newsletter. Thanks for being an important herald of Lake Martin.

P.S. Thank you for changing the background to white much easier read.

~ Joey
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