10 September 2015
 September 10, 2015
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10: Wow! What a Labor Day Weekend! One of busiest Labor Day Holiday’s in over a decade!  Weather was great, football was in the air, and Chimney Rock was full of boats and lake lovers! I personally showed more property Labor Day than any other Labor Day I can remember!

9: Saddle up for an Equestrian Adventure. Sliding into the saddle at Russell Lands On Lake Martin is a bit like stepping back in time. You can ‘ride the land’ in its most pristine state, unspoiled as nature intended it to be! For trail riding at its best CLICK HERE for more information!

8: Chuck’s Marina is getting ready for new upgrades and facelifts! So, Saturday September 12, (11am-8pm) and Sunday, September 13, (11am-6pm) will possibly be the last few days of this waning summer season for Chuckwalla’s pizza. We will keep you posted, but if construction starts as planned, these are the only days left for your pizza fix until 2016!!

7: Emerald Shores SOLD out of original Lots! There are a couple of resales! In 2004, Alabama Power released just a few of the 52 incredible waterfront lots on the east side of Lake Martin. Then in 2012 APC made the final release of these great lots. This week we saw the last of these original lots go under contract. There are two resale lots available now on the market!  For more information, contact Windy.

6: The ‘Time is NOW’ to register your Team for the 8th Annual Lake Martin Golf Classic! Only a few spots left!

Details and Sign Up Form

CLICK HERE to see a ‘quick’ video of last year’s successful torunament!

5: Lake Martin Buoy Map! As the nights get longer, and cooler weather approaches, you might want to take a refreshing night boat ride on Lake Martin! Trust me, I have been taking them for 40 plus years, and nothing is more peaceful and invigorating as an easy, calm evening boat ride in the fall. Please CLICK HERE and take a look at the buoy chart to refresh your memory of the areas to stay away from.

4: Underwater Boat Lights! This summer we saw all types of underwater boat lights or attached exterior lights for night boating. Personally I believe “if installed correctly” these new lights will not just be a fad…it will be a huge factor in preventing night accidents. I believe that just a small single stern light is not enough to make sure you are seen by other boaters at night, and even though that is all the law requires, (except port and starboard), we believe it is a great idea to invest in more lights for your night riding. Blue Creek Marina and Harbor Point Marina both do an excellent job in working with you for the best set up for your boat. Contact them today for more information!

3: Water Level is remaining fairly stable! This morning at 7:23 am we are at 488.3. There has been little change in the past 72 hours. No word yet from APC if we will see a higher lake level this fall, or if we have to wait until Fall of 2016 to experience the new ruling. However, on September 2, 2015 APC still posted that all lake levels on the Coosa and Tallapoosa Lakes might see reduced water levels due to the drought we are experiencing. Someone please do the rain dance!!!

2: The First Tailgate Party at StillWater’s Golf was a huge success this past Friday! Hundreds attended and enjoyed the great food, cold beverages and wonderful fellowship! Word is spreading quick about the new restaurant coming soon to StillWater’s. Think Copper!  Call Dee at 256.825.1353 for membership information!

1: Personal News…well if you don’t have Facebook…I would like to share three personal items of news with you!

  • Stacy Evans and I got engaged this past week! : )
  • Today is my daughter’s Birthday !! Happy Birthday Brooke! : )
  • Two years ago I laid in a coma due to a truck accident. I have come a long way in just 24 months! Thank you to all that have helped me along the way! There are many, many of you! I could not be celebrating life as I am without all of your incredible support! Thank you.


Thank you for putting out news/happenings/spots to enjoy God’s Creation on Lake Martin! ! Greatly Appreciated!

 ~ Zack Godwin

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