31 December 2015
 December 31, 2015
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DECEMBER 31, 2015

…and it rained and rained! At 3 PM on Wednesday the Lake Level was at 488.2 with 4 generators running 18,589 CFS. APC is predicting Lake Martin will crest Thursday afternoon at full pool at 490 ASL.  We understand that as this water starts to go way, they will only lower the water level back to 483 ASL.

9: Missing and Sinking Boats!

Since Christmas Day we have recovered two boats from sinking, and today we caught a pontoon boat that was just floating down the lake! Make sure your boats are covered, the bilge pump is on and working. If you don’t have your boat tied up well, please call a neighbor or a friend and get them to check on your home and boat if you’re not at the Lake! The rain and rising water can be serious!

8: Where to go on NEW YEAR’S EVE on Lake Martin?

(Remember, there will be road blocks out everywhere to try to curb the drinking and driving issues!)

For the kids, Niffer’s is hosting a New Year’s Eve Party!

Copper’s Grill at StillWater’s : Football, Food and Music : Call 256.373.3536

Rodeo Club at Lake Martin

7: New Year’s Day Football and Food on Lake Martin…who’s open?

Niffer’s Open All Day
Copper’s Grill Grill Open All Day
Judy’s Stagecoach Open at 5 PM
Catherine’s Closed
Springhouse Closed

6: This would be a great week to sign up with US TOW BOATS Lake Martin!  

They are incredible and come in handy any month of the year.  Click here for more information!

5: Shop Talk! The final count is in…

Our Lake Martin Team has sold 70 properties this year and 54 of them were Michael Langston’s Listings. I must say…’Where is Your Property Listed’!

4: Already Expanding at Copper’s Grill!

That is correct…The newest addition to StillWater’s will be adding an outside dining area for this Spring! You will be able to enjoy the full menu at Copper’s Grill out on the deck while watching the golfers come in to the 18th hole!

3: Load the Alabama Power Shoreline App

…and keep up with the water level changes minute by minute! Click here for more information.

2: New Year’s Resolution

If it includes getting into shape… you might want to check out these great hiking trails around Lake Martin! Click here for more information!

1: In 2015 Lake Martin lost a lot of great residents to a higher power.

Husbands, wives, friends…who were all lovers of this great lake we call ‘home’! Let’s remember life is short, enjoy each others company, fellowship and Lake Martin every chance you get.

Can’t wait for the many new experiences in 2016!


‘You know I love love your Top 10. Just one little correction on the last Top 10…It is the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and not American. I saw the Christmas Carol last Friday and was great…a lot of humor.

I hope you and your family have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.’

  ~ Carol Flowers

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