15 October 2015
 October 15, 2015
lake martin view


10: After 42 years, Loachapoka’s Annual Syrup Sopping festival won’t happen this October. The festival started in 1972 as a venture of the Loachapoka Ruritan Club, whose members wanted to host an annual community event. At some point, the Club disbanded, and the event was taken on by individuals. In the past this event drew 20,000 visitors to the area. There is hope that this event will return in the future!

9: Tomorrow is the 8th Annual Lake Martin Golf Classic! We have a full scorecard of golfers and corporate sponsors, and we are very grateful! All ‘Net Proceeds’ go to our Friends at Camp Star!  If you truly want to see how the money is spent each year that is raised for Camp Star, please click here…You will be amazed!

8: Coppers Restaurant Opening Soon at StillWater’s Golf Course! After months of planning, remodeling, repairing and over-hauling…The New Restaurant is about to open! Don Arthur is running the show and he is dedicated to impress and please! New Facebook Page and Information coming soon! Stay Tuned!

7: Looking for a great place to have an event or a family reunion on Lake Martin! Call our friends at Burkes Cove! OH, GLORIOUS LAKE MARTIN! IT JUST DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! Escape for a quiet week or weekend…relax, cookout, and ‘destress’. Bring your boat…a private slip awaits. Fall weekends are beautiful on Lake Martin, reserve yours now. Click here for more information!

6: Do you have septic issues or need a quality septic company? We recommend you contact one of these two very qualified companies ASAP, at 256.596.1504 and Phil Stephens at 256.749.6166.

5: Island of the Week! We are starting a new potion to the Top 10 this week, we will feature one of the many great Islands on Lake Martin over the next few weeks! This week, it is…

 Graveyard Island! (Latitude 32.84810  Longitude -85.862654)

Graveyard Island measures 30 by 30 yards and is almost a circle. Surrounded by a seawall of rip-rap, a small county graveyard of long ago is now a tiny island in Lake Martin and can be seen from the lake homes in the Bay Pines area. The fading memorials are protected and still legible after more than a century of existence. It’s best to approach it from downwind and tie the boat with a long line so it doesn’t have contact with the seawall. The best place to approach the island is from the east, where a shallow, sandy bottom makes it easy to jump out into the water and approach the island.

4: The New Closing Documents have arrived! If you are purchasing a home with a mortgage you will no longer see a HUD 1. (that is if you started your mortgage after October 3, 2015.) We all are a little nervous when it comes to change, however after taking a few classes and talking to Mortgage Brokers we truly feel this new Closing Document will be an improvement to the ‘age old’ HUD 1. So when you begin your mortgage process don’t forget to ask about the New Closing Documents!

3: An article that makes me smile everyday that I read it! For everyone that is as excited as I am about the new water curve rule for 2016 and beyond, I have attached the article that was written in April of this past year that gave us the good news…I never get tired of reading it! Click here to learn more!

2: The Resurfacing of Hwy 34 will begin ASAP! Yes, Tallapoosa County is about to slow you down when you are driving down Hwy 34, between Hwy 49 and Pleasure Point. The road will be resurfaced in the next few days! Please drive slow and careful!

1: The Facts and Nothing But the Facts! The shoreline of Lake Martin is not a well defined measure. However, we have seen some strange numbers lately being proclaimed on shirts, maps, lake décor and other items. Alabama Power Posts the following on their website:

Martin Reservoir Facts:  Area: 41,150 acres  Shoreline: 880 miles, Heck we even seen recent posts where companies are really confusing the issue by posting 25,000 for a particular part of the lake???

Over my life time I have mostly heard old timers state 750 Miles of Shoreline and 44,000 acres. These numbers come from the original book that was written about Lake Martin, called Lake Martin, Alabama’s Crown Jewel! On page 7 it states the lake being 44,000 acres and 750 miles of shoreline! For more details on this book, click here!


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~ Bobby Cannon

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